Freelancing: What Can I Do?


We are trying to spread the awareness of freelancing on a limited scale according to my capacity. Yesterday I came to see a TV producer whose company is in very bad condition and some other people also contacted me. Little did they know that freelance work could be found on the Internet? He knew that the small video editing projects he was doing were just freelancing.

Video Editing Project:

I really want to call such people from the bottom of my heart and gladly send them answers by answering their questions. But I have a capacity, I can do it accordingly. I have to work eight to ten hours a day to run my house and pay my staff salaries and bills. In such cases, hundreds of messages are received on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and on the phone. The only thing I say to them is to find the answer on the internet or ask if they are in a group.

I desperately need two or three people to volunteer sometime of their day. It would be great if an NGO could give its staff a few days to keep them together and use them for these tasks.

Freelancing Awareness and Training of People:

It is a task in which very modest results can be achieved in weeks and months with modest resources and attention. This work has been reported to large NGOs and is to their advantage.

Suffice it to say that freelancing is not the only thing that can be done. This is their training and maintenance work by assembling the horses in a stable. Someone doubts, that his English will create a problem and when he gets a job, if a white person asks something, how will he write an answer and get someone to check if I am writing it correctly? Where do I start? If nothing comes, what else can I learn in less time?

What are some common English phrases that will be used over and over again?

There is absolutely no need for more intelligence, smartness, no intellectual and Hippocrates in this field, no need for any degree, computer and software courses, and diplomas. This is the field of simple and common people, the work of small service providers, and everyone whose hands and eyes work and who understands matric level English can do it.

All he has to do is ask someone who is trustworthy and in case of need, there is a “brother” around whom he can ask whatever he wants without fear and without shame. Be someone who responds to her like a mother every time. Even when asked the wrong question, the loving mother, like the first mother, looked at him angrily and said, “Why don’t you Google it, try it, so that you can find the answer yourself.” But then the next moment he says, let’s come here and sit next to me, see how they look for answers on my screen.

In hilly areas and villages, this cannot be done without opening such centers. Once a boy or girl spends two or three days at the center full time, they can go back and help hundreds of people stand up for respectable and attractive jobs as freelancers in their area.

How To Explain This To Others:

We can’t explain to our close organizations. If they want to do this, dozens of people like us will join them as volunteers. We tried to explain this by writing and holding meetings with all the big and small organizations and groups but failed. You guys advise me, don’t pay any attention, and don’t find any volunteers. So how do you do that? Or just make light videos and upload them on social media and focus on that.

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