Post videos on YouTube and earn Money

It’s time to upload it to your YouTube channel. But when you upload your video to YouTube, you have to complete the following steps.

Add Video Title:

Give your video a compelling title that includes the keyword. Which you have selected for your video. Try to keep your title to 70 characters or less (in most search results, anything will get shorter).

Include Video Description:

Your video description will appear below your video. YouTube currently has a 5,000 character limit on video descriptions, but that doesn’t mean you should use all 5,000 characters. I suggest writing a short paragraph (100-300 words) to describe the content in your video. Use the rest of the available space in your description section to add specific CTAs, links to your website, additional resources, your social media profiles, and more.

Add Video Tags:

Your video tags have the right place to include specific keywords in your video (such as those you identified when researching your video topic). We recommend that you include at least one of your video tags. Add 5-10 similar words.

Upload Custom Thumbnail/Server:

Your video thumbnail is the image that people see before they click to watch your video. A very attractive thumbnail, with some text that helps define the video. May entice potential viewers to click on your video. If you don’t upload custom thumbnails for your videos, YouTube offers you 3 choices of random screenshots, which most of the time don’t flatter.

Once these steps are complete, go ahead and make your video public for the world to see.

Promote A Youtube Video For More Views:

The purpose of your videos is to attract organic traffic by ranking the search results for your keywords/titles. To give your videos the best opportunity to permanently attract new viewers on a long-term basis, promoting your videos as soon as they are published helps them get an initial boost, which is what competing videos tell YouTube. Provides more help in ranking your videos. So you need to share your video on your network, your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Introduce yourself and think about why you actually watch other people’s videos and subscribe to other people’s channels. Keep publishing unique and compelling video content, aiming to compete with top videos in the search space. You must have a successful YouTube channel to make money.

Please note, every YouTube video must contain both audio and a video component. Therefore, there are actually two types of editing that are needed.

Video editing:

Improve your audience theory. At this stage, you need to edit the video footage of your source. You will do things like remove unwanted content, trim the image of the video, add text, add subtitles, add graphics, adjust colors.

Audio editing:

Improve your audience’s listening. The audio quality of your videos should not be taken lightly. Poor audio quality really detracts from anyone’s viewing experience. In this step, you will do things like add amazing background music, change the audio pitch, fade in / out, and so on.

Once you’ve finished creating your video, save your video as an MP4 video file in YouTube Movie Maker, and add your keywords to the file name. This can help your video rank in the search results for your keywords.

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