Earned Ten Thousand Dollars on Less Than One Million Views


The screenshot under review is of a channel whose traffic comes mostly from the United States. Here you see, that ten thousand dollars are earned on less than one million views. But don’t think that this is the way to earn money in Pakistan. In Pakistan, he does not earn even a tenth of it. One million views in Pakistan earn three hundred to four hundred dollars. Where ten thousand dollars where four hundred dollars. That’s why I always say. If your English is a little better, then try to create a channel. On which the traffic came from developed countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or the European Union. Getting traffic from there is not difficult.

How to buy a used phone in the USA:

So your chances of traffic coming from America are higher. More tags like this will make your target country America. Just use a little bit of common sense, as far as you’re concerned, that’s ten thousand dollars. So there are about sixteen lakh fifty thousand rupees, and if you are also thinking that you have earned only sixteen lakh a month, then you are an innocent servant of this channel.

Affiliate Marketing:

Brands Deals are earned from twenty thousand dollars a month, which they did not disclose. He made more than ten thousand dollars (I guess) so you see. A woman has made forty thousand US dollars on less than one million views by making a video on YouTube alone, which is more than six million Pakistanis. They are made sitting at home in just one and only month. In our country, even CSS officers do not earn that much money for the whole year (if they are honest).

I want to start working online:

Tell me what to do. There are hundreds of such messages in my inbox. Often I don’t even check and read a lot and ignore it. Maybe one of these messages is yours too and you are feeling very bad at the moment. But this post will read the whole. Then you will understand, why I or any successful servant does not reply to you. Often you will have heard, that if you want to be successful then sit with successful people. That’s fine, but have you ever considered why successful people get along with you? Take time out of your busy life and waste it on you. I remember 2011 was the very beginning of my online career. The bank had quit the job and was now completely zero upon zero financially. A client asked me if I could create Dofollow Backlinks. At the time, I didn’t even know the SEO alphabet.

How to get Ranked in Google Website:

He never came again but in this whole cycle, I got the lesson of life which changed my life again. I went to my teacher mentor to learn do follow backlinks. He was doing a very good job, God willing. I asked a lot but he only gave one answer “Google it” so I was so angry that he ignored it but I made it clear to Play that I would rank my site more than his site.

Google AdSense:

So just then I was and Google was just and then the whole three months later I ranked my site above my mentor’s site. And just by making blog comments. Made thousands of comments. But the approvals were only a few hundred, the day my site was ranked the same day I went to him again and told him. Just search for this keyword. When he did, he saw his site at number 6 and my site ranked him at number 3.

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