The Tricks of YouTube That Most People Don’t Know


YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website, with millions of people watching videos daily. But ordinary people are not aware of some of the important tricks hidden inside it, which make the experience of using this site great.

The following are some of the tricks most people are unaware of.

The Video Starts on Time:

If you send a video to a friend and want it to start at a specific time, click the share button under the video title, a tab will appear, check the Start Eight box at the bottom and click Then choose the time of your choice, then click the copy at the bottom right and then send this link to your friend. The video will start from there, the time you have set.

Free Music Library:

If you want to embellish a video with music and do not want to infringe copyright, you can take advantage of YouTube’s free music library by following this link.

Download YouTube videos:

If you really like a video and you want to save it to your computer, how do you do it? Try this trick instead of wasting time on Google search. All you have to do is add 2S between WWW.YOUTUBE in the video link. Exactly like www. Enter YouTube and this will bring you to a new site for download.

Clear Watch History:

Go to the History section of the page which will be on the left side of the main page (on the desktop), in which everything can be cleared from Clear Watch History. Similarly, there will be no future history record from Pose Watch History, or the video can be deleted from the history one by one.

Use YouTube like a TV:

If your computer mouse breaks down or you want to calm down and watch videos like a full-screen TV, go to this link, where you can navigate from the keyboard. With the help of back and forth arrows, home, end, space bar, and tee you will be able to run it just like a mouse.

Playing Songs In The Background On Mobile:

One of the biggest flaws in the YouTube app is that it only plays videos. As long as the application is open and as soon as you exit it, it stops working. The solution is extremely simple. Open the Chrome browser on Android phone and open Now click on the Request desktop site option by clicking on the 3 dot menu at the top right. Then select the song of your choice and in the meantime enable the popup of YouTube display notifications. When the song starts playing, exit the Chrome app by pressing the power button and start using other apps. At first, the song will stop, but you can control it by going to the phone’s notification menu.

Run In Slow Motion:

Don’t want to see a particular frame in a video pass by too fast? So hold down the space button on the keyboard, it will start playing the video in slow motion, due to which the video has to be repeatedly paused and turned on.

Give The New Design A Try:

Go to this link and scroll down and click on ‘Get the Player’. This new player has options of transparent control bars and scales of all sizes compared to the old design. Were you familiar with these trucks before?

Play video on your TV:

If you have a smart TV, you can also play YouTube videos on TV from your mobile device with the help of Wi-Fi. Open the YouTube app on your TV and then go to Now go to Settings in the YouTube app on your TV, select Pair Devices, and then enter the code on Once your device is paired, you will be able to play YouTube videos on your TV from your mobile device.

YouTube filter for kids:

YouTube has a Kids app for kids, which is free for iOS and Android users, and videos for kids are available here. The app’s colorful buttons and voice search make it easy for little angels to find videos. If they can’t type, you can set timers and set their viewing time.

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