How Do I Get More Views On My YouTube Videos?


You can look at two ways to get more feedback on your YouTube videos. There is a paid way or also known as a much easier and faster way to get ideas. The second free method is also known as long and steady viewing of your YouTube videos.

Paid way

Use YouTube ads:

You can choose to advertise your video on the YouTube site yourself. You can arrange them in a way that is within your budget, how long you can campaign, and so on. It’s entirely up to you, how you want it. You can also use every other social media ad to reach a wider audience, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and many more.

Get a third party company:

You can also hire a third-party company to run a marketing campaign. So that real users to watch the video. You do not have to worry about the ads being inserted, where you can quickly provide them with a video URL, and then you are good. You can check my reputation for more details and if you are interested in getting them, and if you are lucky you can get a discount right now.


Share your video with every other site on the Internet:

If you have other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and many others. It is better that you link your videos to these sites. Make sure, that you post interesting topics to attract people’s attention in all of them. Make it easy for people to access your profile and share your video directly on it. It is also a good practice for you to channel on relevant Facebook groups, sub-tasks, etc.

Improve your video search:

You can use many free tools like Google Ad Words, Planner, and many more. You can use these tools to determine the best keywords, which are relevant to your video content. You can also compare them with your competitors’ keywords, and copy them from your video for maximum exposure. As much as you can. Using all these tools will help you to get some famous and best keywords in Google search engine results.

Set the best thumbnails, titles, and descriptions in your videos:

Make sure you pay attention to this trinity of success before you upload your new video content. You want people to pay attention to your video so that they can come to your video immediately. Use custom-made thumbnails with appealing images, fonts, etc. Use highly controversial titles and try to minimize them. As much as you can with the help of relevant keywords. This also happens with making a little summary of your description, which viewers can expect to get from watching the video.

Joining Other YouTube Videos and Channels:

Make sure, that you treat the YouTube site as a big family or community. To get help, you will need to give maximum support. If you want more feedback and engagement about your videos and channel, you’ll need it first. You can check out some niche channels and comment on them. Try to support and provide constructive criticism instead of pulling them down. Be as honest as possible with your engagement. Try not to spam your many links or video URLs in the comments section to entice people to watch your videos and channels.

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