How To Build A Profitable Brand For Your Freelancing Business


You realize, that when you are invited to someone’s house for dinner and you see yourself standing in the corridor of the supermarket for more than half an hour, your eyes light up, greasing on the smooth line of wine. Look at the rows, read the labels about Fruit Endurance and Woody. Then, wonder, which bottle to take, how much you should spend. What will your hosts like (or dislike), and how will the price of this wine reflect your value as a guest?

Well, when you try to hire a freelancer, your clients experience the same thing and suddenly their competition is “designers” or “coders” or “photographers” or any professional. Is coming into view. Annoying, isn’t it?

Who Will Bring More Value For Their Money?

The customer may know, who the freelancer for them is. More importantly, how can you get out of the price competition and help clients realize their true value more than anyone else?


As a freelancer, you might think you don’t have to create a brand. You might think, branding is only for big companies that have big budgets, but that’s not true.

Everyone Needs a Brand:

And you may not even realize it. If you have sent your name under an email to a potential client, under a quote or suggestion, to a lead, or under a service, you provided to a paying customer Is. The sign under, then in each of these moments you represented your brand.

Also, if you ever blog about your work, create a website with your services, join a freelance job board or some other way to explore the world. Put yourself out there, then in those moments you tell your brand.

Do you know what your brand says about you and how potential customers perceive your value?

Because if you don’t, you’re practically playing Russian roulette with your contracts (and your bank account). If you are serious about succeeding as a freelancer, you need to take serious care of the way you present your brand and your services to others. Branding is not just about telling people what you like to do: there are a lot of other people out there who are just like you. Branding is about adding your “what” with you to create a unique mark of identifying “how” and your “why” that reflects your true value, and to do this, you will need to develop three parts of profitable branding (3PK) for yourself.

Suggestion, personality, and purpose:

Let’s take each part separately. We’ll see what that means in terms of your brand, and then do some fun exercises (available on this free branding worksheet) to get you to more profitable and better-paying clients.


Also often called, unique price proposal or brand promise. What do you suggest to your clients? What promise are you making to them that will attract them?

It shouldn’t be the first thing impressive or surprisingly new like Earth, but it must be unique to you. Even if the best way to discover your unique proposal is to do the first exercise on your worksheet, which is called Brand Butterfly.

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